Mo J Gallery Introduction





Mo J Gallery was founded in 2010 by Fan Culture Foundation based in Busan, Korea. Fan Culture Foundation has a cultural space - a land area of 662m2 and a total floor space of 992m2 – and within the Foundation building, there is Mo J Gallery that holds 1st and 2nd exhibition space inside on a 397m2 lot.



Mo J Gallery and Fan Culture Foundation were founded and had been run for non-profit purpose for the past five years, to take a lead in art, especially fine art development in the region, to identify cultural and artistic needs of the public and to unlock the potentials of artists.



In particular, what Mo J Gallery pursues in its founding philosophy and value is focusing on and promoting the artists creating minimalism artwork at the same time it aligns itself with Oriental Art identity and global art trend.



The gallery has made extensive collections of internationally renowned artists’ work as well as Korean artists, working in Korea, who we believe can be grown to be globally recognizable.



As recently as in 2014, the gallery started supporting Korean minimalism artist J Young through his monograph publication and solo exhibitions, and currently prepares to collaborate with major US and European galleries to promote his artwork along with planned exhibitions overseas.



Though its operation was mainly non-profit so far, looking forward for next decade, it will reinvent itself as a commercial gallery and make active exchanges with overseas galleries through international art fair to support and promote our artistic values and representing artists.



Mo J Gallery collections and exhibited artwork include Frank Stella, Richard Serra, Antoni Tapies, Christo Javacheff, Keith Haring, Demian Hirst, etc, as well as paintings, drawings and prints of well-known Korean artists like Lee U Fan, Park Seobo, J Young , etc.